ReBuild Michigan Campaign

In 2011, Habitat for Humanity in Michigan began a movement to collectively align the strong network of Michigan affiliates alongside Michigan-based companies and community leaders to help address the economic crisis and increasing need for affordable housing in Michigan communities. This collaborative force was formed to turn the hardest hit state into the strongest state; everyone working together to literally ReBuild Michigan.

The ReBuild Michigan Campaign is more than a fundraising campaign; it is an engagement strategy to leverage the Habitat’s mission across our state to put an end to poverty housing. There is a monetary goal of $225 million to be raised through the network of 70 Michigan affiliates through 2015; and we are also engaging one million people with our work. This will help double the impact Habitat has had in Michigan to reach more than 10,000 families. Through this campaign, we are working collectively to help more families and individuals by ReBuilding the communities and neighborhoods right here in Michigan.

Why Habitat Michigan? Because it starts at home.

The ReBuild Michigan Campaign, through a very specific strategic plan, will connect with individuals, community leaders, Michigan-based companies and foundations to raise $225 million by 2015. Of those funds raised, at least $160 million will be generated through affiliate efforts, with another $65 million raised from new sources.

Here are some outstanding examples of ReBuild Michigan campaigns currently happening around the state: