Construction Site Supervisor

Application Deadline: 
Tuesday, August 15, 2017 - 5:00pm
Job Location: 
Hastings, MI
Employer Name: 
Habitat for Humanity Barry County
Contact Name: 
Cindy Preston
Contact E-Mail: 

Stipend Contract amount per house:

$9,000 (40% payable when permits are complete, 40% payable upon inspection approval of framing, and the final 20% payable upon receipt of Certificate of Occupancy and Final Walk thru Punch list with permanent electric connected).        

Term of Contract:

Term of Contract runs from the development of plans for a house until the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy and final walk thru punch list with permanent electric connected for a completed house.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1.     Work with Construction Manager to coordinate the house construction process so that house is built according to plan (as may be amended by change           order) and within budget (as may be amended by change order).

2.     Communicate the work schedule and any changes in it (weather cancellations etc.) to routine volunteers, and Construction Manager.

3.     Determine material needs for workdays and/or subcontractor activities, and communicate those needs to construction manager. (This is an ongoing               anticipating 3-4+ workdays into the future process.)

4.     Work with Habitat ED and Construction Manager to schedule workdays for volunteers. (Additional workdays may need to be scheduled to accelerate             the building schedule, or make up for weather delays as the build progresses)

5.     Must attend construction committee meetings or be excused by notifying the construction committee chairperson.

6.     Welcome and supervise volunteers, making sure each has volunteer has a signed a waiver of liability and has signed into and out of the logbook each           workday.  

7.     For Volunteer Workdays:

a.      Provide skilled supervision for volunteer construction activities with appropriate training for volunteers as needed on the jobsite.

b.     Provide a safe and clean work environment.

c.      Make arrangements with Construction Manager for delivery to the work site of any materials, tools and/or safety equipment required by                      Volunteers for the next day’s activities. The Supervisor is not required to furnish any of his own tools for volunteer use.

d.     Develop a schedule of construction activities for each house. Communicate to the Construction Committee the construction activities and labor         needs for each workday.

e.      Work with Habitat partner families on construction-related sweat equity hours.

f.      Help to ensure each volunteer has a positive experience working with Habitat for Humanity Barry County


1.     Experience in residential construction.

2.     Willingness to accept and commit to purpose and mission of Habitat for Humanity.

3.     Experience in training, equipping, and working with volunteers.

4.     Good communication skills.

5.     Ability to manage multiple tasks; work as part of a team.