Habitat Michigan receives HUD approval to be a Local Housing Counseling Agency

March 21, 2017: Habitat Michigan is pleased to announce our US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) approval as a Local Housing Counseling Agency (LHCA). This means that the services and workshops we offer meet HUD requirements, and the Certificates of Completion we provide to consumers allow them to obtain down payment assistance (DPA) from Habitat, MSHDA, Federal Home Loan Bank Affordable Housing Program and/or most DPA programs and loan products administered locally through cities and counties in Michigan.

We are excited to offer to Affiliates the opportunity to schedule a home buyer education class in your community. These classes are six hours in length and cover information on readiness and preparation for homeownership, financing options (RD, FHA, Habitat and others), down payment assistance programs, home selection, mobility and search assistance, fair housing, fair lending and predatory lending avoidance, budgeting and credit repair, home purchase procedures, closing costs, home inspection services and financial management for home buyers. Home buyer education can also be done individually; please contact Homeowner and Family Support Manager Angie Hamlett for more details about individual education for the needed certification.

The financial education classes we offer are each approximately three hours in length. The topics we offer include:

  • Money Management, Budgeting and Spending Plans
  • Credit Reports, Credit Scoring and Credit Repair
  • Debt Reduction, Saving and Investing,
  • Insurance and Long Term Planning,
  • Consumer Protection, Fair Housing, Fair Lending, and Predatory Lending Avoidance

Affiliates help us arrange the classes by sending out flyers in their community, getting the space for classes secured, arranging for child care and a meal during the classes. We have flyer templates that Affiliates can use and often distribute them in schools, stores, community agencies, etc. Angie will bring the booklets, handouts and games to the location you secure. She will work with your Affiliate point person to arrange the class days and times and will also learn which class topics you’d like us to focus on. We hold the classes either in the evening or on weekends, and like to have them back to back so that we can keep the participants engaged.  Following the homebuyer classes we will work individually with participants to remove any barriers to home ownership. Following the financial education classes, we provide individual financial coaching to help participants reach their financial stability and housing goals.

Some class participants may be qualified (or will work to become qualified) for Habitat Housing or for an RD loan, but we do not limit our services, so anyone can participate.  We will stay in communication with your staff person to keep her or him informed about the progress of those consumers who choose to pursue Habitat housing. Your family selection process can be easier and streamlined when you know the partner family is ready to purchase.

Please let Angie or Sue know if you need any further information, and also know that we look forward to serving your community members in partnership with you!