Volunteering, the ReStore, and You

Many people believe that the only volunteer opportunities in the ReStore are retail positions. While most of the volunteer positions in the ReStore are in fact related to retail, there is also a great need for people to take up volunteer positions that are technological that help support the ReStore and subsequently the Habitat for Humanity mission. These positions are great for Millennials and technologically savvy folks, specifically because these are things that they do every day. Volunteer positions can include roles such as social media management, search engine optimization, and website optimization. Millennials are very good at these things and have a tendency of using these skills every day without realizing the need for these things in the for non-profit world.

ReStores need these kinds of volunteers to help spread the word and get more people interested and involved in volunteering, donating, and shopping in the ReStore. Time spent as a volunteer has its own rewards. Volunteer experience with a non-profit organization can be very helpful when looking for a job, applying for colleges or other programs. Please reach out to your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore learn more about these opportunities in all you can volunteer.

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Destiny Machwaya
ReStore Development VISTA