Raise your Voice for Affordable Shelter with Habitat Michigan

What I love about the mission of Habitat for Humanity is that people join together in action. People of all race, faith, ethnicity, profession, politic, income, and background join together as one in service to their neighbor and as advocates with purpose. It is when we join together and build relationships toward a common goal and mission that people focus and work productively in peace and harmony.

More than 1.6 billion people lack safe, healthy, durable shelter they can afford. This is a daunting problem and matter of conscience that requires bold action. During my observation of the last twenty-five years of working and studying the housing conditions and needs in Michigan, across the nation, and globally, we have not made progress. The housing needs have grown. There is a lack of healthy, affordable housing stock and a lack of human development. My personal observation is that there has been a disconnect between housing development and human development and we must be the change in bringing the two together.

Every person I have met anywhere in the world - EVERYBODY wants the same thing. They want a roof over their head and a safe place to call home, an income-earning job to provide for themselves and their family, education for their children, and the respect and opportunity to achieve these things.

To be an advocate is to join together and be an educator and a representative of a person or cause that you care about with passion. Joining together with one voice will bring the greatest impact to our mission. Habitat for Humanity International has launched an opportunity for us to use our voices and passion by joining together for Habitat on the Hill 2017. I will be a nine-year veteran of HOTH and I have learned the power of keeping a face and voice to our mission. Numbers matter. Please consider joining us on the Hill. All are welcome: our partner families, volunteers, board members and staff.

Remember, Jesus had a team, the disciples as well as friends, family, and those who believed and joined Him in mission. Jesus asked that we join together in love and action. Habitat for Humanity puts God’s love into action, bringing people together, to build homes, communities, and hope.

Together, we build hope and pride.
Together, we build economic independence.
Together, we build lives, community and neighborhoods.
Together, we build personal empowerment.
(words from HFHI’s annual report)

Registration for Habitat on the Hill is now open. I hope to see you there!

Sandy Pearson
President & CEO

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