Maintaining your Home

Habitat for Humanity of Michigan's Executive Assistant, Antria Daugherty, shares her experience with the Home Repair Program offered by Habitat for Humanity affiliates. 

As stated in a previous blog post, I have been a Habitat homeowner since August 2004.  Although my home was built brand new from the ground up, there are expected and anticipated home repairs that must be done to keep the home maintained and in good living conditions.

About a year or so ago, I began to realize that my home needed some minor maintenance and upkeep. I obtained quotes from local contractors for the work I thought needed to be done and as you may imagine, those quotes were quite high and unaffordable. It then dawned on me to contact the Habitat for Humanity office.  I called to inquire about other organizations that assisted homeowners with home repairs and was directed to MSHDA.  Unfortunately, I did not qualify for MSHDA’s program.  I reached out to Habitat once more to inform them that I did not qualify and was informed of their Home Repair program that I may be eligible for.  After completion of paperwork and review, I was found to be eligible and was placed on the list for home repair assistance. Of course, as with any program offered with Habitat for Humanity, it was not something I would receive for free.  Habitat for Humanity offers a hand up, not a hand out; I must complete sweat equity, make a down payment toward the total cost of the repairs and make monthly payments until those costs have been paid.  However, this process is much more convenient and affordable.

Habitat for Humanity understands homes require necessary upkeep and maintenance. The Home Repair program is a true testament to the organizations vision, “A world where everyone has a decent place to live.”  Habitat not only “…brings people together to build homes, communities and hope,” they also provide the opportunity for families to maintain their homes, communities and hope by assuring that the homes built are still of good living quality; even after 12 plus years.

I will be the first to admit, as I’m sure is the case with other Habitat homeowners; I was very involved with the organization in the early years of being a homeowner.  However, after several years had passed and life continued, I began to become less and less involved.  Understand, Habitat for Humanity has and will always be an organization that I am forever grateful to and appreciative of.  It was just that my children were growing, as was I, and other responsibilities began to take priority.  However, today, I must say that this will never be the case again.  Habitat has been there for me when needed and I will make it a point to be there when they need me.  This will include volunteering my time and contributing financially to this great organization on a consistent basis.

It is my hope that others, especially homeowners that have benefited as a result of this organization, will read this blog and join me in helping Habitat for Humanity continue to be successful in their mission through efforts of volunteerism and philanthropy.

Antria Daugherty

Executive Assistant & Habitat Homeowner