Impact lives around the world with Global Village!

Do you love building homes, communities, and hope with Habitat for Humanity? Do you love to travel, but want to have a deeper experience than just being a tourist? Habitat for Humanity’s Global Village program may be your ticket to all those things, and more!

Habitat for Humanity has a long history building overseas, and today the Global Village programs sends volunteers to more than 40 nations around the world. You work side by side with locals, doing anything from building individual homes to repairing community housing to providing access to clean water and safer cooking.

Earlier this year, Habitat for Humanity Capital Region decided to celebrate their affiliate’s 30th anniversary by taking a Global Village trip to work with their tithe partner, Habitat Kenya. The volunteers ranged from high school and college students to 25 year Habitat volunteers, with all different skill levels. The group of volunteers were helping build a home for Consolata, who lived in a small 2-bedroom mud structure with her four grandchildren. Sadly, Consolata lost all ten of her children to the HIV/AIDS epidemic and is now raising her grandchildren alone. When the village leaders learned that Habitat for Humanity wanted to come and build a home for someone in their community, they agreed that Consolata was in the greatest need of a new home.

The Capital Region team helped create the foundation for Consolata’s home, and laid bricks to construct the walls. The work brought the whole village together, working side by side with the Habitat team. Despite not speaking the same language, “we absolutely spoke the same language from our hearts,” one volunteer reflected.

“The volunteers set off on this mission trip believing they were going to help somebody and to positively impact those we were going to serve. Little did we all know that it was our lives that would be changed forever. This was such a powerful journey that certainly impacted my mind, body, and soul forever for the better,” said Vicki Hamilton-Allen, Executive Director HFHCR & Global Village Team Leader.

Upon their return to the US, the Capital Region team gave a presentation on their trip and shared the celebrations, challenges, and lessons learned from participating in the trip. Team members talked about their favorite memories of the trip: hearing the villagers’ welcome song as the team arrived; interacting with the children in the village, feeling the satisfaction of a hard day’s work, and knowing the impact it will have on someone’s life.

If you are interested in joining a Global Village trip, you can visit Habitat for Humanity’s website to find scheduled trips here.