Celebrating AmeriCorps: They're One in One Million!

Since the first class of members started in 1994, over 980,000 people have served their communities through the AmeriCorps program. This month marks the start of a new class year for AmeriCorps members, and with this new year over 1 million members will have served!

We have had many members serve through Habitat Michigan’s AmeriCorps programs in the past 13 years through the AmeriCorps*State and VISTA programs; many affiliates throughout Michigan as well as the Habitat Michigan office have also utilized members from other programs including Habitat International (HFHI), NeighborWorks, AmeriCorps*NCCC, and the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC). In the HFHM office alone, we currently have 1 member currently serving and 4 AmeriCorps alumni employed as staff.

"This opportunity provided real-life experience in my field directly after my undergraduate," says Amy Alexander, the AmeriCorps Neighborhood Revitalization Coordinator at Kalamazoo Valley Habitat for Humanity. "I was able to "rub elbows" with some folks that have years of experience on me and came to understand that this is a position in other affiliates that is seen as a leadership role. Being a 23 year old who was fresh out of college when I began this position a year ago, I would have never been offered a position such as this had it not been hosted by AmeriCorps. I now feel very well equipped and very marketable as I move forward and expand in my career."

As part of this celebration of 1 million members in AmeriCorps, we welcome 23 members starting service this fall at affiliates and other housing-related agencies throughout Michigan with our program, and 8 more members this summer. These members serve at their host sites by improving their capacity to serve their communities through construction, volunteer recruitment, services to homeowners, and financial coaching.

After over 20 years of AmeriCorps, we at Habitat Michigan can see without a doubt that AmeriCorps members get things done for our communities, our state, and our nation. If you have an AmeriCorps member serving at your affiliate or have alumni on staff, share their story with us and with AmeriCorps by using the hashtag #1in1million.

Bridget Ferrigan
AmeriCorps Program Manager