About Habitat

Habitat for Humanity Michigan (HFHM) is a statewide 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose main purpose is to increase the capacity of Michigan Habitat for Humanity affiliates to build simple decent homes in partnership with people in need. Located in Lansing, Michigan, HFHM was established in 1993 and is proud to be the first successful state support organization in the country.
Habitat for Humanity Michigan supports more than 60 Habitat affiliates across the state with leadership development programs, educational training, networking opportunities and administration of grants from government, corporate and private sector entities. 
Habitat for Humanity Michigan also seeks to create statewide awareness and advocacy addressing the need for decent affordable housing in the state. We also provide consultation on energy efficiency and sustainable building techniques with every house build and home renovation project.
In evaluating the current growth potential of Habitat in Michigan from a business perspective, Habitat for Humanity Michigan has stood firm to strengthen the faith pillars of our work and will continue to progress by relentless dedication to eradicating poverty housing. Providing simple, decent affordable homes has evolved into being the leader in true community building through financial literacy and education, community partnerships and undeniable faith. 


  • Demonstrate the love and teachings of Jesus Christ
  • Advocate on behalf of those in need of decent shelter 
  • Focus on shelter by building and renovating simple, decent and affordable homes
  • Engage broad community through inclusive leadership and diverse partnerships
  • Promote dignity through full partnerships with Habitat homeowners and future home partners
  • Promote transformation sustainable community development


Michigan is home to 55 Habitat for Humanity ReStores. These stores are run by affiliates with their primary mission to provide additional funding to support house building goals. ReStores sell everything from building supplies to household goods, at a reduced cost, allowing Habitat another avenue to serve the low-income community.

  • Benefit the environment by accepting and selling donated, usable items
  • Help keep thousands of pounds of materials from going to landfills
  • Accept donated materials from building contractors, manufacturers and the general public and donors receive a tax deduction